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Thesis Statement Examples

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Anyone writing a thesis is well aware of the importance of a good thesis statement. This is the section that allows you to put forward the crux of the issue being discussed and your point of view regarding the same. Here are a few examples of good thesis statements.
A thesis is a write-up or a report put forth as a premise to a discussion or argument. It allows reader to understand the true focus of your paper. With a well-written and focused thesis, the limitations of your paper can be understood and the area of studycan be narrowed down.
It is therefore important to remember that a thesis statement should remain open to change till you do not finish the research and analysis for your paper.
The placement of the thesis statement is usually at the start of the paper, but it may be advisable to place it at the end of the first paragraph to allow for a more exciting and intriguing introduction. According to the type of paper you are writing and the focus of the same, you may choose to use one of three types of thesis statements.


An analytical thesis provides a comprehensive insight to an important issue. It breaks down the issue, explains its constituents, analyzes the problem, and presents the result to the reader.
In an analytical thesis you usually ask a how or why question and the thesis statement should answer this question. We give you examples of how the statement should not be written and how it should be formatted.
✘ The job market is in shambles presently.
✔ An analysis of the hiring patterns and higher management salary packages of the top ten companies in the country show a direct correlation to the lack of openings in the job market as of 2012.
✘ Junk food causes weight gain.
✔ Examination of the eating patterns of children between the ages 10 and 12 show a startling association between junk food and obesity.


Widely known as the easiest of all thesis types to write, an expository essay aims to present all the facts regarding a certain issue to the reader. As the writer, you do not need to develop any argument to explain the thesis.
You should put down all sides of a certain issue in front of the reader so that he or she can form his opinion. Refrain from taking any sides when writing the thesis statement.
✘ The strike by the union workers was important for shedding light on unjust labor laws and was therefore the force behind the passing of the Labor act.
✔ The strike by the union workers galvanized the movement against unjust labor laws and pushed forward the need for the Labor act.
✘ The United Nations Security Council is a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations.
✔ The veto power that the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have makes it difficult for the UN to take a stand.


In an argumentative thesis, you should write an essay from one point of view of an issue that is the center of controversy. While presenting your point of view you have to provide the reader with evidence supporting your stance.
The thesis statement that you write for such an essay should allow you to give your reader a glimpse of the evidence that you will be providing.
✘ The Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing, but in some cases a curse.
✔ The Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a curse, due to variable ideological principles.
✘ The United States economy has gone into a state of stalemate.
✔ Financial crisis and unemployment situations have put the United States economy into a state of stalemate.
Ensure that you keep these points in mind when writing a thesis statement. The thesis statement has to be revisited constantly while writing your paper. If it is a prior submitted statement (confusing), and you need permission from your guide to do so, then take the permission rather than losing focus on your thesis.