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Things to Write in a Yearbook

Manali Oak Mar 13, 2020
Yearbooks - There's nothing about the passing year that a yearbook can't tell. They have pictures, they have words, depicting and talking about everything that happened during the year. They have memories of friendships made and broken, competitions won and lost, days celebrated and much more.
If you are thinking of some interesting things to write in a yearbook, you must read on.
Time stands still as its pages flutter. Every page brings back memories. One whole year is unfolded and you feel like you have traveled back in time to remember precious moments this little book has treasured - your yearbook.
Yearbooks have a special place in your room and your heart for they act like a little door to escape into the past and spend time reminiscing.
Your yearbook has everything you did during the year, with classmates, friends and teachers. Fights, fetes, tournaments, tours and all events small or big - everything worth remembering is recorded in the yearbook.
As you read inside and look at old photographs, some make you smile, some make you proud, some make you feel silly, some make you laugh aloud! You miss those days. And your yearbook is the only thing that can bring them back.
For something that you are going to treasure for long - your yearbook, it's worth spending time designing it, writing for it. Once you have the design ready, you need to think of what all to include in it.
You can write something witty, funny or something sentimental - anything associated with you and the school, anything you would love to remember and laugh about even years later.

Things to Write in Yearbooks

Cheers to the mistakes we've made,
Cheers to the laughs we've shared!
May Your Life Be Like Arithmetic:
Joys Added
Sorrows Subtracted
Friends Multiplied
Love Un-Divided.
Time goes, you say? Ah no!
Alas, Time stays, we go. - Henry Austin Dobson
We celebrate the past to awaken the future. - John F. Kennedy
May you never forget what is worth remembering, or remember what is best forgotten!
Cheers to the time together we've spent,
Only we know, to us how much it meant!
Mountains may fly,
Rivers may dry,
You may forget me,
But never will I.
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. - Les Brown
You are too sweet to be forgotten and you shall never be. Wherever I go, these memories will be with me.

Something More...

Take up an entire page of the yearbook to write a message which says, "Don't you hate when people take up the whole page?" Or say, "I am a clown, who came to town to paint your yearbook up and down!" Write something like, "You are so lucky to meet me this year". Or choose something funny like "Good luck next year... if you make it!"
You could keep your yearbook message simple, if you like it that way. Bid a simple goodbye and thank your friend for the time you spent with him/her. You could say, "Hope you have a wonderful summer. Can't wait to see you next year." Or simply say, "Keep in touch." Or wish everyone luck and happiness. That's plain, simple.
A joke you shared could go as your yearbook message. If your message has a tinge of humor friends will remember you with a smile. Relate a funny incident or some amusing experience you shared with them. Write something cheerful.
Personalize the message with something about the person you are writing the message for. Or include something funny only your class or group knows about. Avoid anything embarrassing though.
Don't forget to write your name beneath the message. Sign the message along with your phone number and email id so that your friends can keep in touch with you. Mention your full name below your message so that it's easy to remember you even years later.
Use colors to write, add pictures, and make the yearbook look attractive. Write in a legible handwriting. Write with interest. The yearbook, you know is going to be a treasure-trove of memories.
Remember, that your classmates are going to read what you write. Avoid any negative comments on teachers or fellow members. See that your writing doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. Don't sound crabby, don't let your writing have any color of complaint or pessimism. Take into account little moments you cherish. Moments are remembered, not days.