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Top Tools for E-Learning During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Omar Delgadillo
With many school districts closed until the end of the year, they have now resorted to e-Learning as a path to continue their regular activities. We’ve gathered some of the best eLearning tools and platforms for teachers and parents, which are 100% free and easy to use that will help you go paperless with ease.
The World Health Organization recently declared the Coronavirus a pandemic as Situation Reports show the rapid growth of cases worldwide. This novel virus has led the entire population in the search for more information and seek immediate isolation from the public.
Many have taken initiatives by stocking up on canned goods, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other means to stay safe during these radical times. Unfortunately, with business beginning to shut down — and most schools closed until further notice, kids are being stuck indoors with nothing but unlimited time on their hands.
Luckily, with the advancements of technology, many school districts in various states have resorted to e-Learning as a path to continue their regular activities. Many have managed to incorporate assignments and research for schoolwork, including teaching activities to keep students engaged, which most have turned to YouTube as the favored platform.


SafeShare is a cloud-based effective tool that will de-clutter YouTube videos so they are safe and ready to share with students. It grants teachers the ability to remove unwanted distractions from videos which can then be shared with a few basic controls to manage the start/end position.

Google Classroom

This tool is definitely one you should not overlook when relating to eLearning, as it saves you time, keeps you organized, and allows you to communicate with your students, who enjoy the simplicity and non-robust interface. Google Classroom offers everything you need in one platform, it’s compatible with any PC or tablet, and most of all it’s free of charge.


The Canvas LMS by Instructure is a cloud software that has made teaching, learning, implementation, adoption, and student success easier.  They have services that cater to K-12 students. Although their services aren’t 100% free, they do offer a trial period in which you can test out their software.


Whether YouTube Live or regular video uploading, this platform serves an easy approach to reach your audience, well, in this case, your students. By the simple use of a smartphone, tutors can host a live Q&A, or teach an actual class, report live results or any idea that comes to mind that will keep your students engaged.