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Whiteboard - Magnetic Dry Erase Boards and Markers

Shrinivas Kanade Jul 25, 2020
Do you use a blackboard or whiteboard to write on? If you want to know more about whiteboards and their uses, the materials they are made of, read on.
If one wants to make an instant presentation, then no other device than a whiteboard can offer the same ease of use. Just erase whatever there is on the whiteboard and start your presentation anew.
The blackboard, which is still in use, needs to be washed once in a while with sponge and water. The whiteboard, also known as a dry erase board, can be cleaned without water, i.e. by just using an eraser or a duster. It can come in different sizes and is used for different purposes.
Whiteboards have been available since the 1970s; however, they were still obscure until the late1980s. Since the beginning of the 1990s, they started replacing the blackboards in ever-increasing numbers.
Concerns over allergy caused by the chalk dust, forced schools to discontinue the blackboard and adopt the whiteboard. Dry erase markers are used to write on them, which can be cleaned with a duster. Let us see some materials used to make such surfaces.

Materials Used To Make Whiteboards


Melamine is a resin-based plastic. It is strong, lightweight, and stains on it can be removed easily, just by wiping the surface. After a few months' use, a whiteboard coated with melamine isn't easy to clean and starts to retain the marker ink, causing stains to appear on it.

Steel or Aluminum Sheets

Painted steel or aluminum sheet is also used. Dry erase markers are used to write on the surface of the board. These boards are prone to scratches, but are strong and durable.


These whiteboards offer the best writing surface as it is scratch resistant and does not absorb ink that is used in marker pens. The boards are backed with a steel surface, and hence, last for a longer time.

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

These boards are used to write on, and they also serve as notice boards. They are backed by a magnetized steel mesh, so papers with messages on them can be tacked to it with the help of small handy magnets. To write on these boards, dry erase markers are used.
Magnetic dry erase markers have a magnetized body and can stick to the surface of the whiteboard, so that it remains within your reach. These markers have eraser pads attached at one end, hence making them multipurpose.
Magnetic dry erase markers are similar to dry erase markers, as far as their basic function is concerned. Magnetic dry erase markers are preferred by the consumers due to their simple, yet effective way of getting things written on a whiteboard.
They are used by teachers in schools and colleges for teaching purposes. In offices, they are used as notice boards. Each conference room is adorned with them. A whiteboard printed permanently with a grid can prove to be a useful tool for individuals, schools and business concerns that function on the basis of charts.
Institutions which use standard formats for the purpose of displaying data can have them printed on custom printed boards.
Whiteboards printed with the diagrams of various sports field layouts, are used by coaches to draw on and explain maneuvers to players. For those who are interested in music, magnetic dry erase whiteboards, embedded with staff lines are also available. It is a handy device that one can use to express oneself.