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Why Do Indians Go Abroad for Higher Studies

This is the million-dollar question that arises in the minds of many youngsters who dream to make their life better. Presently, studying abroad is not limited to only the rich people.
Students belonging to the middle class have started moving abroad in huge numbers. Everyone wishes to move to the next level in their life.
Is it better to study abroad for higher studies, or to study in India?
Competitive exams to study abroad for higher studies are GRE, IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL. 
Studying Abroad is Competitive?
Scholarships to Study Abroad:
The Rhode's scholarship program
 • Huawei Maitree scholarship
 • Fulbright Nehru research fellowship 
Other Advantages of Studying Abroad
  • The habit of saving will be nurtured.
  • Being independent is very important and abroad experience gives you this quality very quickly.
  • Opportunity to mingle with people from different countries and culture.
  • Getting out of the comfort zone to fulfill your daily needs.

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