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Yearbook Ideas for Middle School

Contemplating on some middle school yearbook ideas? Here are some ideas you may refer to and come up with some of your own.
Rajib Singha
"How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flew.
How did it get so late so soon?" - Dr. Seuss
This quote says it all and there is nothing to say further, except that a connection between school and community, a chest of educational values, a gift of glorious school spirit moments, a memory book and a splendid way to relive the golden days of your learning in your school is a yearbook!

How to Come Up With A Middle School Yearbook

Start with pondering upon the type of theme which can serve as an epitome for the school. The stadium, the playground, the building, the office or anything which you think will glorify your school.
After deciding on some appropriate themes, you have to decide on the type of writing of the yearbook; straight reporting or mood copy. The former is about reporting the events and entire year's school activities, on priority basis. The later one involves the conveying of emotions supported by words, graphics, pictures, sayings, etc.
Next on the yearbook ideas are photographs; lots of them. Sources are events, classes, fights, parties, meetings, or even day-to-day activities.
Childhood photographs are a great addition anytime! It is advisable not to include photos wherein, students might have not been at their best at that day or some photos which might be a bit embarrassing!
Not to mention that color of the yearbook is as important as anything else. After all, colors are the vibrancy of life! So to go with the color, nothing would be better than the school's one. You can give an extra touch of perfection by highlighting the logo of the school in the color.
If your school has the logo which says, 'Abode of Clouds' then you can give a sky theme to your yearbook. Likewise, if the logo says, 'Go with pride', nothing would be more royal than giving the theme of tigers!
Slogans are equally important. A rightly chosen slogan will usher the readers through the journey of their memories. You can choose from some of these types which go like:
  • Past is in our heart
    Present in our eyes,
    And future in our hands.
  • Viva La (School Name)!
  • Past is perfect and eternal!
  • Vero Possumus
and so on...
Adding a tinge of some funny or special catch phrases of the students or of the teachers is also a brilliant idea for a yearbook. Like some of the funniest catch phrases of my maths teacher was "Open the windows and let the airforce come in!'' and "I have got two daughters, both of them are girls!"
Phrases like these will surely give cramps to the stomachs. If you like then you can increase the value of your yearbook by using some of these yearbook quotes in them.
  • May Your Life Be Like Arithmetic:
    Joys Added
    Sorrows Subtracted
    Friends Multiplied
    Love Un-Divided - Unknown
  • Time - don't let it slip away,
    Raise your drinking glass
    Here's to yesterday - Aerosmith
  • I beat the baker
    I beat the cook
    I beat everybody to the back of the book - Unknown
  • I m the crown, I m coming to town, signing your
    yearbook upside down - Unknown
We hope that these few yearbook ideas would come in handy and good use. Best of luck with the ideas and better them by adding some more of your own! Happy yearbook making!