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Coolest Yearbook Ideas for 2020

Rujuta Borkar May 20, 2020
It is never too early to start preparing for something that is so special as an yearbook. Read the list of unique yearbook ideas.
For a student, the yearbook is really special. It's a piece of their past in the present and in the future. They can continue to peruse through and re-live the years, get nostalgic about a countless memories and reminisce about the past. No wonder that year after year there is a bid to capture the spirit of that year by finding the perfect yearbook theme.

Yearbook 2020

Every one of us uses Snapchat and Instagram filters. Why not make a yearbook out of it? The cover of Snapchat-themed yearbook should be of fresh yellow color, write your school's name on its logo, and paste pictures clicked with puppy filter or flower crown filter.
For instagram-themed yearbook, show the achievements of your school in the format of Instagram posts with 1000s of likes, hashtags, and comments below it. You can also add top stories at the top in a circle.

Yearbook with 'Emoji' theme

'The Happy Faces of High school!" can be the title of the yearbook and the cover page will be filled with happy and excited emojis. You can do a photoshoot of your class, wearing t-shirts  with different emojis on them.
For little humor, give clown emoji to the class clown, queen/king emoji to the class queen/king, or pet dog emoji to the teacher's pet.

Yearbook with 'Game of thrones' theme

Give your students the yearbook to remember with 'Game of Thrones' theme! There can be names for classes, as House of Art, House of History, House of Gym, and so on.
Present awards in the GoT style, like for the class queen say Jenny, describe her as 'Jenny, first of her name, the queen of classes, robber of hearts, ruler of the cheerleader squad, and regent of good looks!' You can declare kings according to their achievements and decorate the book, according to the Houses of GoT!

Yearbook with 'Google Maps' theme

Give location sign on the cover page and write the name of your school on it.
Design the entire book as a map and describe the achievements under 'Know more' tag. Also place class king and queen into fictional addresses of castles.

Keep calm & sign my yearbook!

Design an entire yearbook in the form of 'keep calm' quotes. Add photographs as clippings and write sports achievements as “Keep calm because we won this season” or give great teacher awards as “Keep calm & Teach on!


Stationery has always been a part of a student's life and will continue to be so. That is why, this yearbook theme will be like a special dedication to all those stationery items that students use.
If the budget permits, there can be molds or makeshift models made of the varied stationery forms and students can be asked to pose with them for their yearbook pictures.

Yearbook with a Superhero theme

Give a superhero twist to your yearbook. Hand out superhero awards, such as, for class topper: the Iron Man award, for class clown: the Ant-man award, for class queen: the Black Widow award, and so on.
You can also write popular quotes of teachers in dialog boxes. There is no limit for creativity when it comes to comic-themed yearbook.

Few more ideas

Here are some other yearbook themes. These will continue to be popular yearbook themes for many years to come.
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Disney
  • Black and White
  • Galaxy
So, go ahead and use any of these ideas to come up with a great yearbook, something that you'll never want to stop looking at because it's just so good.