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Tips for Yearbook Themes and Ideas

Rashida Khilawala Mar 4, 2020
Yearbook themes and ideas are very important to ponder over. Recognizing that, Here, we will give you some great ideas and themes that you can adopt and design the perfect yearbook.
A yearbook is a memory book. One that everyone keeps, for always. It is the one place where people will find their youth when they truly need it. It is the flashback, that will help people realize their true capabilities. It is the yardstick to judge their growth by. It is life, it is a mirror, it is a yearbook.
It's that time of the year again. Time for the yearbook committee to convene and the brainstorming sessions to begin. Yearbooks are very important, which is why they have to be perfectly designed and executed.
The yearbook theme has to be chosen keeping in mind the specific importance of the yearbook as a concept. Here, we will provide you with certain ideas that you can use to design your own yearbook and make it a grand success.

Creative Yearbook Themes and Ideas

The Specials

Firstly, emphasize on the points that make your school special. The faculty, the premises, the secret spot near the roof top. Make sure that your yearbook has these important points.
Like, the trademark pie in the cafeteria. These are the ideas that, in the later years, will bring a smile on everyone's face. Make sure that you stick to the senior year only. You cannot hope to cover all the years.

In the Reporting

You can adopt two approaches to developing the yearbook. It could be straight reporting, that is, when the events of the year are given in a straight and simple manner from the most important to the least; or adopting the other approach called 'mood copy'. This method is a more sentimental style.
You not only write about the events, but also the sentiment behind it. Both approaches make extensive use of photographs, making the memories profound.

Photos and More Photos

Traditionally, yearbooks are meant to contain the entire batch's photographs. Make sure that there are ample photographs taken randomly during the year. Be it events, classes, fights, parties, meetings, or even day-to-day activities.
Ensure that your entire senior year is summed up in the book. This can be easy if you carry a digicam at all times. You could even ask the students to submit their childhood photographs. This way, along with their senior year pictures, you can have their grade school pictures as well―it would be an adorable addition.

Catchphrases and Quotes

Another great idea could be wherein the yearbook can have a section where certain noteworthy quotes are mentioned. Like, in high school, everyone develops a certain catchphrase―sometimes by intent or even randomly.
You could mention the most memorable ones in the yearbook. If you want to take it a step forward, you could also mention the general reaction that the catchphrase receives. Just for adding some spice.

Colored Themes

As for the color scheme of the yearbook, the most popular approach is to go with the school colors, giving it a very loyalist touch. However, you could go with a emotionally relating color scheme as well.
Like, if the school mascot is called Wild Cats, you can have a jungle theme for the year book. The colors could be browns and greens. Or if it is Spartans, you could go with an Egyptian or Greek touch. You can add a whole lot of mythological touches to it, with the font, the headings, and the themes and covers.


A slogan will lead to those emotions that will start the nostalgic journey down memory lane when someone starts looking through the yearbook. Brainstorm and come up with a great slogan that can be used on the cover page. This slogan has to have some link with the general emotion of the year.
Here are a few examples:
  • A journey through time
  • After all is said and done
  • The time of our lives
  • Body... Heart... Soul... (school name)
  • Anything but ordinary
  • The perfect past
  • Deja Vu
Going through creative magazines, newspapers, and the Internet, and then brainstorming about the theme samples can help you'll come up with the perfect slogan and ideas for yearbook themes.